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The Scarecrows’ Wedding

Malvern Theatres


Guests to Malvern Theatres on Saturday were anticipating an unforgettable wedding and were not disappointed.

The Scarecrows’ Wedding, straight from the West End, was the best wedding ever and the crowd enjoyed celebrating the big day with the happy couple Betty O’Barley and Harry O’Hay.

Adapted from the bestselling book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, the show magically came alive with plenty of wit and charm to keep all ages entertained.

On a hilarious adventure to find all essential items for the best wedding yet, actor Mark Kane transformed from white feathered geese to a jeweller crab to bell ringing cows and best of all a space hopping lumpy old toad tour guide.

Kane’s best performance was without doubt the cigar smoking, fire starting Reginald Rake. With bags of charm and dance moves to impress he attempted to win the heart of Betty, played by Joanna Brown. Rake only managed to drive himself into big trouble so that Betty could be dramatically rescued by hero Harry.

Sam Heron as Harry tirelessly delivered the goods and wooed the Scarecrow of his dreams. Heron had bags of energy and won over not just his fiancé but the all the guests.

Composer and lyricist Darren Clark produced a lively score to grab the audience with a delightful range of instruments such as the banjo, clarinet, accordion and ukulele.

Young and old were singing along, giggling and clapping to this amusingly happy musical tale. It was a definite feel good show which pulled at the heart strings and celebrated the union of Harry and Betty with humour and tunes.

The hour long show could have easily kept going and the time just seemed to fly by with good use of space and props. I loved Scamp Theatre’s style.

To catch the show in the final leg of the tour from July 25th to August 6th as part of The Great Yorkshire Fringe they will be at The White Rose Rotunda, Parliament Square, York, YO1 8SG.

To book tickets go to and tickets are priced at £13 adult, £11 child and family ticket £40.

Emma Trimble


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