The Hunting of the Snark

Malvern Theatres


Inquisitive Malvern Theatre goers found themselves overcome with Snark Fever as tale of the hunting of the elusive creature unfolded before our very eyes.

With an extremely modern adaptation of the Lewis Carroll nonsense poem, from the same pen that gave us Alice in Wonderland, our eyes bulged and our ears pricked for a glimpse of this imaginary creature.

A gaggle of misfit adventurers included the Banker, the Butcher, the Boy, the Baker, the Bellman and even a knitting Beaver, made their way across the stormy seas to Snark Island and were lucky to escape with their lives.

Along the journey the Jub Jub bird (Ben Galpin) nearly lost his head to the butcher after stealing the Banker’s trousers and tie and the wonderfully comical Bandersnatch with light fingers and backing singers could eventually be bribed with a rare sparkly egg.

the butcher

 Polly Smith as The Butche. Picture: Simon Annand

Jordan Leigh-Harris, who played The Boy, suffered a Teresa May moment and erupted into a coughing fit through one of the numbers but managed to get through it without any of the backdrops falling apart.

“What do we want?” “A Snark!” “When do we want it?” “NOW!!!”

However hard the Hannibal Lector wannabe Butcher, Polly Smith, tried to snag her next meal or the boxer wearing Banker, Simon Turner, searched high and low, the Snark was nowhere to be seen and instead a terrifying Boojum was discovered that could make people disappear in the blink of two giant eyes.

Despite never finding a real Snark this humorous musical comedy was entertaining for all ages with a heart-warming message conveyed about the importance of life and that spending time together is more fabulous than a mythical blue feathered creature.

To follow the Snark adventure across the country there are dates throughout October and November from Abergavenny to Bath to Sale to Warwick finishing at The Lowry in Salford on November 17. For more information visit

Emma Trimble


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