Balletboyz - Fourteen Days

Lichfield Garrick


Fourteen days is a quartet of pieces by four different choreographers; The Title Is In The Text; Human Animal; Us; and The Indicator Line, followed in the second half by the longer piece, Fallen

The uniqueness of the company is evident in each of the differing sets and their ability to create contemporary pieces of dance and movement shone through in this one night only performance.

The appreciative audience sat spellbound as these talented guys worked their magic in each of the original creations, with effortless grace, strength, precision and perfection.

The themes and conceptions contained variations of style, with testosterone fuelled energy oozing from every sinew, muscle and pore!

Gymnastic rhythms, amazing lifts, evocative emotion, coupled with amazing stamina throughout, offers spectacular viewing.

The Title Is In The Text had the only prop. A huge beam see-saw on which balance was the key factor. With haunting music and an interesting narration, this was a great opener.

Human Animal had a somewhat repetitive motion of movements, however, the prancing, equine agility of the dancers had an energetic quality.

Us was a stunning duet showing passionate emotion, evocative synergy with intimacy, poetic gestures and moments of erotic tenderness. A beautiful, artistic work.

The Indicator Line was a heavier, dark, labour laden industrial setting with warlike factions, the military overtones greatly enhanced by the stomping sounds of the dancers clogs. 

Regimented, strong action showed the versatility of the ensemble and proved a great closer to the first half.

The concluding number, Fallen, showcased the complete range of versatility from this amazing troupe. Breathtaking lifts and catches emphasised the trust and commitment that these guys have for each other. The years of painstaking training and dedication is patently evident in the quality of performance and, for lovers of dance, Balletboyz offer something very special.


Edd Arnold, Simone Donati, Flavian Esmieu, Sean Flanagan, Marc Galvez, Edward Pearce, Harry Price, Matthew Rees, Jordan Robson, Matthew Sandiford, Bradley Waller.

Apprentice, Jack Hilton.

Elizabeth M Smith and Rosemary Manjunath


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