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Face to face with a dangerous gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex is not your typical Sunday morning in Malvern until today when we jumped into a pre-historic world.

Dinosaur World grabbed everyone’s attention as a Triceratops, Segnosaurus, T-Rex and a Giraffatitan took over the stage.

Miranda, played by Danielle Stag, was the presenter of the show and she came bounding onto stage with bags of energy and carrying a Giraffatitan egg which kept wobbling throughout the performance.

The anticipation was palpable and by the end no-one was left disappointed as the egg hatched and the mummy Giraffatitan bonded with her baby before we all waved them off.

The magicians who made this interactive show possible were writer and director Derek Bond and the life-like realistic puppets were designed by Max Humphries.

Puppeteers Rafe Young, Rosie Nicholls, Yana Penrose, James Taylor and Emma Thornett were so slick with their movements that after about 5 minutes we forgot there were actual humans moving the creatures. However, it would have been more of a complete spectacle if the creativity of the puppets was extended to the set.

There were fabulous opportunities for brave individuals to go up on stage and feed and brush the various dinosaurs encouraged and clapped wildly by the crowd.

Not only was there an amazing informative 50-minute show with lots of facts about the feeding habits and size of the extinct wonders, the children could also wait after the show for a 15-minute meet and greet with the dinosaurs if they dared.

The whole audience queued up to stroke the head of Jules the Segnosaurus and out in the foyer there were opportunities to stroke a 3-month-old T-Rex and baby Triceratops which was all very exciting.

Small children from as young as 3 were transfixed and at some points wary but I don’t think it was too scary from a distance. If anything, it could have done with a few more scares.

What a way to start off the October half term. To catch the rest of the tour stomping its way across the country then head to Mercury Theatre in Colchester on Monday 23rd October to Tuesday 24th or Belgrade Theatre in Coventry from Thursday 26th to Friday 27th October. Adult Tickets in Coventry cost £14.25 and £16.25 and children are £12.25 and £14.25. To book tickets call 024 7655 3055.

Emma Trimble.


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