Jumprov, Britain's first B.A.M.E. improv group

Birmingham Improv Festival 2017

Blue Orange Theatre


Billed as ‘bigger, better and Brummier, this years Birmingham Improv Festival has 24 companies and solo artists, performing 21 shows over 7 days.

The festival opened with a bang to a full and very appreciative audience.

Birmingham based Jumprov, Britain’s first B.A.M.E improv group was first up with thirty minutes of improvised comedy sketches. Sunny Dhap was inspired to form the group in the hope of attracting a more diverse audience to this year’s festival.

The troupe made up mostly of actors kept us smiling with sketches such as ‘The Sausage that ate Cincinnati’ a title suggested by the audience, a tv channel hop scenario,  and a very funny sketch  about pregnancy in hippos translated from Punjabi.

`The group are new to improv and are still developing their skills, and although a little hesitant at times they show great potential for the future. They certainly kept the audience entertained and laughing.

Another Birmingham based group Fat Penguin Improv created their improvised story based on one word given by the audience. In this case the word was finger and but quite how the story evolved to mostly focus on the subject of giant genitalia is quite bewildering.


Rhymes Against Humanity

Generally entertaining and funny, the improv did tend to get a little sticky at times and the development of the storyline suffered slightly because of it. Despite this they still won the audience appreciation.

The Nottingham based headliners Rhymes Against Humanity certainly stole the show. Creating a full length musical based around the audience suggested title ‘Blasted by the A C’.   The group’s timing, imagination, quick wit and speedy reactions are perfection. The members work so well together they must surely all be telepaths!

Complete with improvised musical score, great pace, songs a plenty, hilarious action and dialogue, the result was sensational. A strong, professional, highly skilled and thoroughly entertaining performance which was extremely well received by the audience. A high energy, comedy packed opening night with the promise of much more to come.

The festival runs till 29th October and includes improv workshops for both children and adults.

Rosemary Manjunath and Elizabeth Smith


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