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Stick Man Live

Malvern Theatres



“Stick Man lives in the family tree

With his Stick Lady Love

and their stick children three…”


My five year old daughter was very excited when one of her favourite stories exploded into life at Malvern Theatres on a wet and dreary Tuesday afternoon.

We all warmed up very quickly and couldn’t help but sing along to the catchy theme tune about the main star, Stick Man and his family.

Scamp Theatre definitely know the recipe for success following on from earlier in the year with the fantastic adaptation of The Scarecrow’s Wedding and now this delightful production of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s joyous children’s book.

Sam Heron plays Stick Man as he embarks on his dangerous jog through the park being firstly chased by an exuberant dog played by Lara Cowin.

The chase ended up all around the theatre much to the audience’s delight when the dog jumped into the rows and the crowd erupted with joy and we became part of the show.

Next Stick Man was thrown into the river by a girl playing ‘Pooh Sticks’ before being captured by a Swan who was serenaded by the talented jazz saxophonist Alex Tosh.

Music played a very important feast for the senses along with imaginative props such as umbrellas for the waves in the sea and what appeared to be projections of Cheerios on the walls to represent snow.

After escaping from the swan’s nest Stick Man ends up floating out to sea and gets washed up onto a beach where, much to my daughter’s amusement, he gets used as a bat and beach balls flew over the tops of our heads. Poor Stick Man not only gets used as a bat but also as a mast on top of a sand castle then becomes frozen in snow and nearly burnt as fire wood. There is plenty of peril but mainly funny and heart-warming.

To get us all in the festive spirit, Father Christmas saved the day and got Mr Man back to his home in time for Christmas Day, phew!

Only 48 days till Christmas and what a perfect way to start the build-up for young and old.

 Another cracking show for director Sally Cookson and her team and would definitely urge anyone to join in the magic when it returns to the Midlands at Birmingham Town Hall from Boxing Day, 26 December, to 12 January, 2018.

Emma Trimble


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