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Reunión is a fiery and passionate display of genre, hailing from ‘the cradle’ of flamenco in Seville. The piece is by Ana Morales in collaboration with her guest David Coria.

With Ana Morales Flemnco Company and Flamenco Edition ’17, Reunión  is not just a display of dance, it tells its passionate story through movement to speak to the audience on a spiritual level.

Flamenco is a staple of Spanish culture and Flamenco Edition do well to share their heritage with the DanceXchange audience in Birmingham by creating an atmosphere of deep emotions, passionate energy and cool music.

On stage, the company create a striking environment taking the audience right to the heart of Seville, where flamenco is rife. Thanks to Florencio Ortiz’s lighting design, the smoky ambience of a dusky night is instantly seen. There are spotlights covering the square area of the stage, giving an intense frame to those who enter the space.

The production is amplified by the passionate voices of singers Juan Jose Amador and Miguel Ortega. They make an excellent duo and provide a sense of light hearted comedy within the piece. They act as observers and it feels as if they have walked to the square, perhaps after work to relax.


They interact with each other as if having conversations, until they are filled so much with passion at the sight of Morales’ performance that they must sing to and about her. They create the background to Morales’ and Coria’s intense movements.

The performance has a casual feel and we can see the love and respect for each performer’s talents. For example, singers and dancers sit at the side of the dancing space in plain view of the audience.

Watching them observe what is currently performed, it is clear that the company are as impressed with what is happening as much the audience are when they watch the others perform from the side.

Coria helps guitarist Miguel Angel Cortes to position himself on stage at times so that the audience can enjoy his immersive Spanish guitar sounds. There is a lovely sense of togetherness within the group. They have a desire to show the wider audience the wonders of flamenco.

Ana Morales as the lead female dancer is incredible. Through her movement and wonderful delivery of expression, we see a story played out that speaks to our inner feelings. Using costume and awe inspiring technical movements, Morales is a mesmerising force to behold.

Her partner, David Coria enters after we are introduced to Morales’ fine display of talent. Coria gives an explosive performance and some of his sequences are simply unbelievable. As Morales and Coria dance together, the magic of flamenco is ignited within the audience’s imagination.

The show is a constant motion of opposites, blending fast-paced sequences with steady and technical movement. The singers are soft to become suddenly loud and intense. This is complimented by Morales’ and Coria’s interaction of dance. Their individual sequences are fantastic as they slowly build up to dance together and create striking images of true passion and talent.

This production is a wonderful look into the world of Spanish dance and culture. It is clear that the company love the genre and have a need to tell the wider world about the power of flamenco. The performance takes us through a journey of the palos, the different styles of  flamenco to create a strong and emotional story for all audiences to enjoy.

Elizabeth Halpin


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