Macca The Concert

Malvern Forum Theatre


A NEW theatrical concert production Macca The Concert: Celebrating the Music of Paul McCartney  arrived in Malvern at the start of a major UK and European tour.

The show brings together the West End cast of The Beatles musical Let It Be in a staging that utilises large screen projection and a nine piece band.

Starring Emanuele Angeletti as Paul McCartney, this is a celebration of the life and music of a legend telling his career with his songs. Macca covers every period of Paul’s musical career, The Beatles, Wings and his solo numbers.

After a scene-setting visual media projection that recalled McCartney's exit from The Beatles in 1970 it jumped straight into the first half of the show, a recreation of the acclaimed Wings over the World 1975-76 concert tour complete with mullets and authentic costumes.

Emanuele Angeletti, a huge Beatles fan since the 80s grew up with all their songs at home, after his father received a gift of the complete Beatles record collection. 

This performance included some timely placed comic intros to other ex-Beatles songs and friendly banter between songs, which was straight off the cuff. The band played beautifully and the style and voice made this a proper Macca sound.

The second half of the show said goodbye to the Seventies and hello to the Eighties and a celebration of McCartney’s solo career and of course the final was left for Beatle classics with everyone up and singing together.

The excellent Emanuele Angeletti was complete with cheeky smiles to the foot tapping and nods to the audience throughout; his interpretation of Paul was quite simply perfect. His accent in conversation occasionally slipped from the Mersey back to Italian, but this added to the whole show and whose singing voice captivated the audience.

Playing around the UK until 20th April 2017.

Johnathan Gray


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