The Little Mermaid

The Circus Sensation

Malvern Theatres


Combining circus acrobatics with aquatics, the love story of the Little Mermaid unfolds in artistically uncharted waters in this Circus Musical at Malvern Theatres.

Not only is the ‘tail’ we all know and love given a fresh revamp by Metta Theatre but performers play the violin whilst spinning upside down and manage to not only hold on to the apparatus but sing upside down in an incredible spectacle of skill and movement.

Adaptor and director Poppy Burton-Morgan is proud that the show has many more layers to the story bubbling beneath the surface and unlike the Disney version, where they end up happily together, or the Hans Christian Andersen original where the mermaid turns into sea foam, this version is a love story with myriad types of love, both filial and romantic.

The Little Mermaid, Rosie Rowlands, wows the crowd with her incredible aerial hoop work and aged 16, decides to rise to the surface for the first time where she meets a handsome Prince, Matt Knight, and saves his life after he is thrown into the sea during a storm.

A deal is then struck with a Sea Witch, Roo Jenkyn-Jones, to exchange legs for her voice which is amazingly orchestrated with dramatic hoop spinning, loud bangs and ballet shoes.

The new legs however are painful and the mermaid is heartbroken when the Prince is to marry someone else because of mistaken identity which causes upset and confusion.

Luckily the mermaid has her sisters and Seahorse friend to come to the rescue and as it is revealed that the Sea Witch is actually someone closer to home than anyone imagined the Prince strikes a deal and he joins the Little Mermaid beneath the waves ‘Singing My True Song’.

The composer and orchestrator Matt Devereaux brings a gypsy folk music vibe to the stage and all the performers excel musically, acrobatically and vocally to deliver a fabulous awe-inspiring performance that was the perfect length and provided a powerful telling of a classic tale.

Ride the waves of Metta’s Little Mermaid to Theatre Royal, Windsor from 8th to 12th May 2018, see or call the Box Office for tickets on 01753 853888.

Emma Trimble


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