Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

Belgrade Theatre, Coventry


There are two sides to every story and this Easter, Little Angel Theatre presents the tale of a shy, allergic and tormented Wolf, in Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, within the intimate B2 stage setting at Coventry’s Belgrade.

Charlotte Croft tickles our imaginations as Robyn who decides to spin this classic tale from the point of view of the wolf and knock our predetermined views and opinions out of the park.

The evil, conniving and wolf crunching Miss Hood may be small but suffers fools gladly and can’t wait to help her Grandma snare a juicy wolf to be barbequed and put with egg fried, rice and a poppadum or three.

Jimmy Grimes, designs, makes and directs puppets and worked on such productions as War Horse and here he brings to life a porcelain doll as Miss Hood and her mother made from a teapot and a bag.

Magical storytelling with hockey sticks and tennis racquets for trees is all part of the magic alongside shadows of the wolf and a fitting composition by Adam Pleeth.

This 50-minute production delighted the youngsters who were filled with questions like, what is a cassette player? Why did the wolf exacerbate Grandmas’ asthma resulting in an air ambulance whisking her off to hospital? How come wolves are allergic to Peonies? How can Red Riding Hood look so sweet and sugary but have a terrible hunger for four legged dog-like creatures?

Robyn’s performance was a treat in song form and despite the twists and turns we saw the softer side of the wolf and still had the original dialogue we know and love “What big eyes you have!”, “All the better to see you with my dear.” We were all left wanting more and encouraged not to judge a book by its cover or someone on their appearance.

Catch this delightful production written by Jon Barton at the Belgrade Theatre till April 5. Tickets are available to book by calling the box office on 024 76553055 or by visiting www.belgrade.co.uk

Emma Trimble


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