Emily Henry as Antigone surrounded by the Greek chorus

Sophocle’s Antigone

Malvern Theatres


The amazing performance of Antigone will see the extremely talented actors of Malvern Theatres' Young Company make their at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe next week from August 13th-18th.

This timeless conflict between the needs of the state and those of the individual is still as relevant now as it was when it was first penned in Athens c. 411 BC and, directed by Nic Lloyd, the stark black backdrop and the shadows and masks bring the production of Sophocles' poetic tragedy into a disturbing and realistic dramatic offering.

Toby Burchell blew me away with his transformation into Creon and, aged only 21, his demise and heartbreak brought on by his strong beliefs and stubborn failings was executed magnificently and, as King, his mistakes ending in catastrophic consequences were demonstrated with raw emotion and sorrow.

Emily Henry as Antigone was compelling as a loving sister who wanted to do right by her dead brothers. Despite the fact that one brother was a traitor and the King wanted to leave the body without a proper burial, she disobeyed orders that if anyone was caught burying the body they would be sentenced to death. Despite rulings she still wanted to do the right thing and what an emotive telling by Emily who, at 17, has just completed her A Levels.

Despite the tragedy there was some humour in the form of a soldier played by Rhys Harris-Clarke. Harris-Clarke was a cheeky chappy who talked back to Creon and to save his own skin gave up Antigone. He brought laughter and energy into a rather bleak conflict allowing the audience a chuckle amidst the storytelling.

What an outstanding performance by all the young actors, which was a concise telling, in just one hour and a half with no interval. See Imogen Priscott as Ismene, Jason Johns as Haemon, Alex McDonald-Smith as Teiresias the blind prophet, Edward Kirby the messenger, Vianne Furey as Eurydice along with the dynamic mask wearing chorus Daniel Davis, Roma Farnell, Ben Mowbray and Charlotte Myerson. I wish them all every success as they perform at theSpace on The Mile (Venue 39) Space 3 at Edinburgh Festival Fringe and I know audiences are not going to be disappointed with this translation by kind permission of The Estate of Don Taylor. Superb!

To catch Antigone at Malvern for free till Friday August 10th call the box office on 01684 892277 or visit www.malvern-theatres.co.uk then if you are in Edinburgh for just £7 a ticket Monday 13th-Saturday 18th August call the box office on 0131 5102382 or visit boxoffice.onthemile@thespaceuk.com

Emma Trimble


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