Cirque Berserk

Belgrade Theatre


The stage is dominated by the “globe of death” which must be an incredably expensive thing, built to contain men and motorbikes of the Lucius team. 

The set doesn’t change much during the show, because of the difficulty of moving the giant ball, but it does move closer to the audience when the Lucius riders from Brazil appear.

Four riders, four bikes at speeds up to 60 mph in a globe of steel in a spectacular finale.

Prelude music sounded intentionally, I presume, like an old radio, or maybe distant music played very loud.  I would have preferred it to be clear so I could enjoy it more. 

The show started with the Timbuktu Tumblers who made several appearances as did many of the acts.  They showed remarkable skill in forming human pyramids. Using a skipping rope, Limbo dancing and other acrobatic skills. 

Next on stage were two girls who created complex rhythms by drumming, stamping and hitting the floor with Bolas, a fascinating act. 

The Mustache Brothers, who performed slapstick routines of a Chaplinesque charm and precision, provided the comic relief for the show.  The firing of smoke rings into the audience turned an old party trick into an entertaining act. 

Two girls performed on aerial silks, and later Jackie did an amazing routine on aerial straps, Getting an ooh from the audience for her first fake fall. 

The Tropicana Troupe performs with a springboard catapulting each other high into the air while Germaine had a spot during the gypsy camp scene in the second half.

She was a foot-juggler who juggled with a large cube a tube and balls.  Also in the Gypsy scene were the knife and axe thrower, and his very brave assistant. 

Of special note must be Odka for a very individual act arrived on stage in a bottle wriggled out and then did some contortions climaxing in firing an arrow at a target with her feet. 

The aerial pole was something I had not seen before, a pole suspended from a rope.  A man Laci performed on this using moves a little like a pole dancer. 

Eva, Kata and Vanessa did various balancing feats on a tower of Chairs.

The Circus skills show cased here were of the most varied kind, and performed to perfection. 

I’m not so sure about whether the aims in the program preface – “Theatre is about character and story-telling” and “Where the West End and the traditional circus join forces. “were met.  But it was without doubt a thrilling show, and one where you couldn’t blink.  To 28-07-18

Craig Boulton


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