Benjamin McMahon as Dennis, Steven Rostance as Jonathan, Kazeem Tosin Amore as Robert, Elena Valentine as Sandra and Bobby Hirston as Max. Picture: Robert Day

The Play That Goes Wrong

Malvern Theatres


The fun starts in this Olivier Award-winning comedy well before curtain up - so get there early.

About 15 minutes before the show starts, the motley crew from ‘Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society’ start mingling with the audience and setting the scene of mayhem and incompetence.

This cleverly constructed and choreographed murder mystery relies on acute timing, fine comedic acting and a willingness by the audience to accept that anything goes as the action moves from the sublime to the ridiculous.

The Play That Goes Wrong makes a farce of the farce. It’s so hilarious that it leaves people giggling contagiously, and that in itself is infectious.

I laughed so hard, I cried, and in current times that piece of heavenly light relief felt like gold dust.

When this show first appeared in the West End in 2014, it picked up prizes for Best New Comedy in the Olivier Awards and WhatsonStage Awards. It’s been on tour before and always does well and that popularity doesn’t seem to be on the wane either.

Its week-long stint at Malvern Theatres is sold out with some people travelling from as far away as Liverpool to catch it.

It’s no wonder as this is comedy theatre at its best. It’s a spoof of all those tiresome, dated productions you’ve ever sat through, willing them to be over. Yet with this version, you don’t want it to end.

No one loses their trousers but someone did lose their dress and all the players lost their dignity.

All the actors are tremendous, which is essential in such a character-led show.

Standing out among a fine ensemble was Bobby Hirston as the gardener and also the murder victim’s brother, Max. He had a natural comedic rapport with the audience that was more than just acting.

This show is the perfect pick-me-up, that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face... now all you need to do is find a way of getting a ticket. To 18-08-18. Returns only.

Alison Brinkworth


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