Milkshake! Live - The Magic Story Book

Malvern Theatres


The popular Channel 5 children’s show came to Malvern with a burst of energy on Sunday afternoon.

The Magic Story Book was headed up by the bubbly and effervescent presenters Jen Pringle and Derek Moran who wasted no time delivering the enthusiasm and fun into proceedings as they bring to television first thing in the morning. They were also flanked by very lively dancers who helped get the show on the road.

It terms of narrative, it was unsurprisingly very simple. It followed the journey of the Milkshake! Monkey who wanted to be a prince and go to the ball and the magic library was there to aid him in his journey.

This was a nice springboard to use very familiar tales such as Dick Whittington, Jack and the Beanstalk, Three Little Pigs, Hansel and Gretel and Aladdin to name but a few, as entry points to introduce the favourite characters from Channel 5 children’s television output.

First up was Fireman Sam who instructed what we should do when we see a fire in song and dance form. We also saw appearances from Noddy, Little Princess, Winnie and Wilbur and more. It was my daughter who informed me of who they were. The only character from Milkshake! I knew was Peppa Pig, but she was somewhat conspicuous by her absence, so the biggest cheer from the children was with the appearance of Shimmer and Shine as part of the Aladdin segment.

My favourite moment was while Bob the Builder was helping the three little pigs build a proper dwelling and the confetti cannon went off by accident.

Monkey’s journey was also assisted by the Fairy Godmother, played by fellow Milkshake! presenter, Kemi Majeks who appeared on the screen at the side of stage. A physical presence may have been more engaging for a theatre, but it did help move things on.

The kids didn’t need that much encouragement to take part and they all seemed genuinely excited when their favourites appeared, and the participation requested wasn’t too taxing or embarrassing.

I confess, I was somewhat dreading this, but I found myself with admiration for the Milkshake! gang who entertained a big room full of small children for well over an hour, which is no small feat.

Matthew Trimble


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