Michael Sherwin as hospital director Dr Farquhar and  Andrew Ryan as Mark Styler, the writer of true crime stories.


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Renowned author and scriptwriter Anthony Horowitz is a prolific crime machine with his ingenious and sometimes madcap murder and thriller plots.

That covers everything from Midsomer Murders to Foyle's War and reinvented Sherlock Holmes and James Bond novels in recent years.

This play is an old school classic for Horowitz, first performed in 1999 but back on a brief UK tour brought by Angela Browne Ltd and Tabs Productions.

Like the title suggests, the play is constantly playing games with the audience. There's small changes being constantly made to the stage that keep the little grey cells buzzing and make you wonder which of the many clues is relevant or can be trusted. You have to keep your eyes peeled and that's part of the excitement and fun in this zesty who-dunnit.

It flows along nicely at a rapid pace that never gets boring and that's mainly because of the wit that Horowitz has also injected into the play.

There's a light touch of dark humour weaved throughout the two hour show that has an array of twists, turns and psychological bluffs and double bluffs.

Set in an asylum for serial killers, the drama unfolds in an office at Fairfields Hospital where a writer has arrived requesting an interview with one of its most dangerous inmates.

With just three actors in the play, Mindgame's success relies on strong performances, which are provided by Andrew Ryan, Michael Sherwin and Angie Smith.

The action gets a little sinister at times but it's never too far away from a peel of laughter at some tongue in cheek comment or light-hearted moment.

Horowitz has hit just the right tone with this wonderful piece of escapism and I was riveted by the characters, back stories and psychological themes.

The author doesn't write plays too often, but if they are as cracking as this, we can only hope he'll do another one soon.

It's a fascinating and fun adventure for mystery fans from a modern master of crime. To 08-06-18

Alison Brinkworth 


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