Blood Brothers

Malvern Theatres


Prepare to be blown away this week as Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers storms on to stage at Malvern Theatres in a whirlwind of raw emotion and thunderous applause.

“The devil’s got your number”, growls the narrator Robbie Scotcher, whose ominous presence throughout this incredible story about superstition and class, has the audience transfixed.

Scotcher’s performance is powerful and captivating as we follow the journey of twin boys separated at birth to their inevitable demise.

Mickey (Sean Jones) and Eddie (Mark Hutchinson) are brought up in two very different households as their birth mother Mrs Johnstone, played by Linzi Hateley, makes the terrible decision to give one twin away to her rich, barren employer Mrs Lyons, Sarah Jane Buckley.

Set in Liverpool in the 1960s Mickey is brought up with his seven older siblings, singlehandedly by struggling Mrs Johnstone and believes his twin to be up in heaven. Despite the efforts to keep the brothers apart the two boys become best of friends and “blood brothers” aged seven as they get up to mischief growing into teenagers and falling in love with Linda, Danielle Corlass.

Mickey and Eddie’s paths keep crossing even when they both move to the country, but bad influences and circumstances encouraged by older brother Sammy, Daniel Taylor, mean that a wedding and family don’t spell out a happy ending. Policeman, Graham Martin, tries his best to keep the peace but to no avail.

Marilyn Monroe, Shoes Upon the Table and Tell Me It’s Not True make up the passionate score and the dramatic storyline leaving no doubt that this musical is a must see worthy of every standing ovation it has ever received.

It is no wonder Bill Kenwright’s production has achieved over 10,000 performances in the West End. There was not a dry eye in the auditorium as the actors and audience overcome with emotion rose to their feet. A memorable, emotional, rollercoaster of a musical that certainly packs a meaty punch that will always leave me wanting more.

There are still tickets available for this incredible nearly sold out available from the Box Office 01684 892277 or online at To 02-02-19.

Emma Trimble


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