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The Cat in the Hat

Birmingham Repertory Theatre


The Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss somersaults on to stage at Birmingham’s Repertory Theatre to delight old and new in this creative balancing act.

The story seemed to transform directly from the pages of this classic tale thanks to the ingenious set and costume design by Isla Shaw.

A Curve & Rose Theatre Kingston Production in association with the National Centre for Circus Arts bring a thunderclap to start off proceedings as Sally, Melissa Lowe and Boy, Sam Angell, are forced to retreat inside from the storm and hole up from the rain.

Straight away the audience is involved in the proceedings as the water pistols come out and water shoots from every direction as Sally and Boy run among the seats.

When the Fish, Charley Magalit, rolled through the wall of the house in a giant gold fish bowl amongst bubbles only to disappear in a plume of smoke, it was incredible and the children’s faces were amazed with wonder. ‘And then something went bump! How that bump made us jump!’ 

cat balance

Nana Amoo-Gottfried as the cat in the hat. Pictures: Manuel Harlan

The Cat in the Hat made a magnificent entrance and Nana Amoo-Gottfried didn’t wait long to start showing some tricks and wreaking havoc. He balanced on a ball holding not only a cup, milk, cake and books, but the fish on a rake, toy ship and red fan until the hopping proved too much and all the things fell ending the first Act.

The second Act gets even more energetic and flamboyant as Thing 1, Celia Francis and Thing 2, Robert Penny, appeared from a big red wood box. Sally and Boy shake their hands as they cartwheel and backflip across the stage, fly kites, climb the walls, jump through windows and make a big mess, much to the dismay of the Fish who watches the mayhem from a teapot up on the roof.

As the boy tried to catch Thing 1 and Thing 2 with a giant net, the energetic troublemaking tricksters escape the Boy by back flipping off shelves and landing on mattresses.

The spectacle soon ends when the net finally came down with a plop! Then the clean-up song and a sprinkling of feline magic that sets the house back to normal. Would you tell your mother what happened?

Join in the catchy songs written by Tasha Taylor Johnson and be prepared for a show and a half with so many twists and turns and balancing tricks to leave you in a spin with the charismatic Cat in the Hat who even screeches the high notes. A joyous energetic show for all the family certainly not to be missed.

On at Birmingham Repertory Theatre till March 3rd, visit or call the box office on 0121 2364455.

Emma Trimble


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