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Escape Brexit and meet Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, Monica and Phoebe at the fountain, for Friendsical at Malvern Theatres this week, a parody musical about Friends written by Miranda Larson.

Geek Ross, Jamie-Lee Morgan, is desperate to catch his lobster and the Central ‘Perk’ of this Friendathon, Bitchy Rachel, Charlotte Elisabeth Yorke, with the hairstyle everyone wants to have. How does Ross drop and catch Rachel more times than a linebacker in the New York Giants?

All the ups and downs and over and unders are crammed into the first Act as well as games night, Monica’s obsession with towels, Chandler’s complicated relationship with Janice ‘OH MY GOD’ and Gunther’s obsession with a certain short skirt wearing waitress, Joey’s tips on flirting and Phoebe, waving her arms in the air a lot. Duncan Burt shone as Gunther, the Xerox Girl and a moustached Richard.

Sarah Goggn nails Monica with her love of tidying and baking of phallic shaped patisseries. In the second Act all the secrets and lies unfold as Ross tries to get everyone to a dinosaur convention. Phoebe, Ally Retberg, gives birth to triplets, pregnant Rachel gets with Joey, Jordan Fox, “How you doin’?” Monica with Chandler, Thomas Mitchells, all the while trying to keep Janice, Rebecca Withers, from popping up.

The musical numbers include Richard’s Moustache, You’re Over Me? When Were You Under Me? and (He’s her) Lobster  composed by Barrie Bignold.

For light hearted escapism grab your colourful umbrellas and be prepared for an epic amalgamation of all the storylines spanning the entire 10 series and 236 episodes of this nostalgic television show all rolled into one long exaggerated production choreographed by Darren Carnell that fans are going to love, phew!

No animals (duck or chick) were harmed in the making of this apart from maybe a turkey, you’d have to ask Monica!

As long as there isn’t another power cut then Friendsical is at Malvern Theatres until Saturday 21st September. Tickets are available from the box office on 01684 892277 or online at

Emma Trimble


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