janet and frank

Joanne Clifton (Janet) and Stephen Webb (Frank). Picture: David Freeman

Rocky Horror Show

Malvern Theatres


Pull up your fishnets, tighten those corsets and adjust your sequined hotpants as Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show time-warps onto stage at Malvern Theatres this week.

As long as you don’t bring confetti, rice, lighters or water pistols to the performance then you are certainly in for a rock ‘n’ roll musical extravaganza with a huge emphasis on audience participation and involvement, encouraged brilliantly by narrator Steve Punt, who bears a striking resemblance to Eric Idle.

The racy story begins with squeaky clean Brad, James Darch, and seemingly innocent fiancée Janet, Strictly Star Joanne Clifton, as their car breaks down next to a rather unusual abode. The loving couple are met by Riff Raff, Kristian Lavercombe, and gently persuaded to enter the foreboding residence to be introduced to out of this world Frank-N-Furter, Stephen Webb.

Stephen Webb oozes charisma and pizzazz as Frank-N-Furter and before Brad and Janet know what’s happening, they are staggering about in their undergarments transfixed by the sexual prowess emanating from the outrageously dressed host with the most.

With help from The Phantoms, Andrew Ahern, Reece Budin, Shelby Farmer and Katie Monks, alongside Magenta, Laura Harrison the Time-Warp bursts through the auditorium causing the audience to jump to their left and step to their right.

The young couple only wanted to use a telephone to get back on the road but ended up in a science lab where muscleman Rocky, Callum Evans, is brought to life with impressive strength and not just one muscle but lots of muscles to help with all the press ups and backflips.

The first Act flew by in a blur of laughter, high heels, impressive balancing and athleticism with a few science fiction leanings. Thus begins the second Act which is definitely not for the faint hearted as both Janet and Brad fall under the magnetism of Frank N Furter. Dr Scott, Jake Small, tries to put an end to the freaky experiments but will he save the human race?

It is not hard to see why this musical, directed by Christopher Luscombe, has been performed worldwide for 45 years, translated into over 20 languages and has such a cult following. With hits such as Science Fiction/Double Feature, Dammit Janet, Sweet Transvestite and of course The Time-Warp, the show is so much fun and magically interactive bringing down the fourth wall with an electrifying atmosphere throughout. To 27-07-19.

Emma Trimble


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