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The Cat and the Canary

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As Storm Dennis continues to wreak havoc across England washing up ghost ships and forcing people to evacuate their homes, Swedish Bond Girl Britt Ekland speaks to the shadows at Malvern Theatres this week with her unnerving performance as Mrs Pleasant, in charge of Glenthorne Manor, for The Cat and the Canary.

We open on the 20th anniversary of the death of Cyrus West, all remaining descendants are gathered to his Bodmin Moor mansion, lived in all alone by Ekland’s housekeeper, for a highly anticipated reading of the will by solicitor Roger Crosby, (Eric Carte}. The heir is revealed through the crackly gramophone speaker to be Annabelle West, (Tracy Shaw), who then has to prove her sanity to cling on to the inheritance.

Amongst the storm of emotions brewing inside the house Susan Sillsby, (Marti Webb) and Cicily Sillsby, {Nikki Patel}, who came all the way from Delhi for the reveal, are forced on to the hard liqueur.

They become increasingly uncomfortable with their new found prison and due to the late hour as thunderstorms batter the windows outside, not only the inclement weather jangles their nerves but the unfortunate news that an escaped lunatic from the local asylum with a penchant for ripping people’s insides out could be ready to ravage any unsuspecting victims at any moment.

Spellbinding Tracy Shaw’s Annabelle retires for the evening after discovering the hidden family jewels and has to bat away the attentions from bumbling Paul Jones, (Mark Jordan), fighter Harry Blythe, (Gary Webster), and bit player Charlie Wilder, (Ben Nealon), as all three vie for her attention.

As tensions tighten, unexplained noises unnerve and high stakes increase to take over the inheritance, the plot thickens and twists like a feline stalking its prey. What will become of Mrs Pleasant with evil all around her? Is there more to Paul Jones apart from falling off sofas and tripping up stairs? Will Charlie Wilder drop his mask? Is Annabelle West about to lose more than her mind?

Directed by Roy Marsden this macabre fun whodunit will make you jump and laugh in equal measure thanks to sound designer Dan Samson and lighting designer Chris Davey. A playful adaptation by Carl Grose that will make sure you check under your bed before you go to sleep at night, as you never know who could be hiding under there?

“Only the ignorant suffer through fear.”

Bill Kenwright presents The Classic Thriller Theatre Company's The Cat and the Canary at Malvern Theatres until Saturday 22 February, for tickets call the Box Office on 01684 892277 or online  HERE

Emma Trimble


The Cat will be stalking the Canary at The Lichfield Garrick 9-14 March

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