tom chambers as wendice

Tom Chambers as the manipulative Tony Wendice

Dial M for Murder

Malvern Theatres


Delve into the 60s for a night of intrigue, roving hands and waylaid stockings as Dial M for Murder ups the ante in this witty, slick and suspenseful new production at Malvern Theatres this week.

Tony Wendice, Tom Chambers, was a retired tennis player who’d hung up his racquet to please his wife Margot, Diane Vickers, only to discover her extra marital entanglements with crime writer Max Halliday, Michael Salami. Intent on revenge and riches Tony embarks on an ingenious mission to encourage old school friend, moustachioed Captain Lesgate, Christopher Harper, to murder Margot but will he get away with murder?

As Margot and Max reminisce over old times and get dressed in between dialogue and many kisses, Tony orchestrates a ruse for the lovers to have an evening out together while he plots the perfect murder involving switched latchkeys, distracting phone calls and a foiled burglary. What could possibly go wrong?

Directed by Anthony Banks, the scene changes are so efficient and stylised with incredible lighting design by Lizzie Powell and funky musical interludes by composers and sound designers Ben and Max Ringham, it actually felt like watching a film.


Lizzie Powell's dramatic lighting gives the would be wife killer Wendice an eerie, blood-red glow.

The actors’ movements mirrored the music with a knowing nod here and a dropped ice cube there. There were perfect silences that spoke volumes and shadows and knocks to indicate doors being closed, bringing the narrative to a believable and totally immersive experience as if the audience were sat in the living room itself.

In the farcical attempt to reveal the perpetrator, Chief Inspector Hubbard, Christopher Harper, deduced that something was amiss with the key evidence as he revealed the truth about the bumbled attempt on Margot’s life. In another twist see if the Inspector looks familiar?

Made famous by Alfred Hitchcock’s film in 1954 this new stage production will not disappoint. Enjoyable from start to finish, a wonderful escape from increasing infection rates and the threat of looming lockdowns.

Dial M for Murder will be appearing at Malvern Festival Theatre until Saturday December 4th.

Emma Trimble


Tickets are available from the Box Office on 01684 892277 or online.

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