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The Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham


Diversity need no introduction. They shot to fame on Britain's Got Talent, winning the show in 2009, and in the 13 years since then, they have gone from strength to strength, undergoing an ongoing metamorphosis that has taken them from angsty street dance troupe to international contemporary superstars.

This was evident from the moment we felt the palpable buzz of the sold-out audience in Birmingham, more than one thousand excited faces ready to celebrate one of the most renowned dance groups of our generation.

The second Ashley Banjo stepped on stage, the atmosphere erupted - he was like a superstar, tying in ironically with the theme of the raucous opening number - Rockstar, coupled with a high energy routine and live rock guitar from on stage musician and sound technician, Mafro.

The design was made up of a futuristic array of speakers, LED batons and pods, with projections and video walls covering the back wall. On the floor, there was a hydro-mat, that was essential for their closing numbers of each act, featuring live rain effects.

On the whole, the concept felt very thin - Banjo at one point explained to the audience what the Internet was, as well as often repeating the same contrived phrases in a veiled attempt at making sure the show was a coherent concept as opposed to merely a collection of dance routines.


Ashley Banjo

Highlights included Banjo dancing solo with live drones on stage to the audible gasps of audience members, a journey through YouTube videos in the form of dance, and a bizarre magic trick that I am still thinking about!

However, these were countered by moments of flimsy coherence and silly routines that didn't land as well as they may have hoped with the audience on the night. A prime example of this was the Act Two opener that was supposedly designed by children that just didn't seem to click into gear. However, that was followed by the seminal Black Lives Matter dance from 2020's Britain's Got Talent performance, that had the audience on their feet in support and appreciation of such a moving routine. Definitely the best of the night.

By the end, the Banjo Brothers, a brilliant Perri and the rest of Diversity had won over the hearts of the Birmingham audience and they received a full standing ovation. An appreciation of their undoubted skill and love for the artform of dance. We can only hope that the future of Diversity will continue to cultivate and embrace the passion and love for dance that Banjo has, and continue bringing this message of positivity for generations to come.

Chris Buckle


Diversity return to the Alex, 13-14 June, 2022

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