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My Dearest Mr Coward

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My Dearest Mr Coward is a nostalgic tribute to Noël Coward,  ne of the great entertainers of the twentieth century stage.

Coward’s prolific output of plays, songs, musicals, films and cabaret entertained audiences across the world, but especially in London and New York.

The evening provided us with a large number of facts about his life, relationships and productions in a slick and professional manner which charmed without quite achieving any ‘wow’ factor. We enjoyed 17 or more songs, mostly written by Noel Coward himself, but some by Gershwin, Irving Berlin and others: light, witty and lively numbers which an older generation may well recall.

Among his best known plays, Private Lives, Blithe Spirit, Hay Fever and Present Laughter have remained popular and are frequently revived today.

Gary Jerry holds the evening together on the lovely Steinway piano. His energy and stamina complement his wonderful skills as a pianist and musician, though occasionally the balance of piano against voice was a trifle loud.

The biographical narrative and episodes are narrated and sung by a quartet of actor/singers – Ian Parkin, Janine Pardo, Harry Revell and Sarah Day. Their historical information was interspersed with the songs, accompanied by simple choreography and laced with humour and wit, in a suave and sophisticated manner, reflecting the world of upper class and indulgent privilege.

While the evening began with Coward’s birth and concluded with his death, there was not a strong narrative thread and little sense of progression or climax. In the intimate setting of Huntingdon Hall one almost got the impression of an informal gathering in a stately drawing room. The performance carried an elegant charm and the audience received the show with dignified approval. To 08-05-22.

Tim Crow


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