And coming in at No 10 pop pickers, we have Jack Whittle as Tony Blair

Tony! (The Tony Blair Rock Opera)

Malvern Theatres


This hilarious musical tells the story of how a peace-loving, long-haired hippie,with aspirations to be a pop star, turned into a warmongering multimillionaire in a couple of decades.

Creators of the show, Harry Hill and Steve Brown said “It’s a show for Tony lovers and haters everywhere”.

The show, led by the highly talented Jack Whittle as Tony Blair takes us on a rollercoaster of a journey through his life starting with his birth. Introduced by Peter Mandelson, played by Howard Samuels, we follow Tony’s life story as he receives a guitar for his 18th birthday, aspires to be a rockstar and meet Mick Jagger, but ends up working in a law firm in London.

He marries Cherie Blair, brilliantly portrayed by Tori Burgess and has several children, and after winning a boxing match with Gordon Brown, played by Phil Sealey, he becomes Prime Minister,and creates “New Labour”.

On his travels he meets other characters such as Saddam Hussein, Liam Gallagher, Alastair Campbell and Osama Bin laden, and Princess Diana, all played by the nine  highly talented cast members.

We are poignantly reminded of events such as the death of Diana “the people’s princess“ played by Emma Jay Thomas, and the several wars, culminating in the invasion of Iraq and the bombing of Afghanistan.

Neil Kinnock is played by Martin Johnstone, John Prescott by Rosie Strobel, Robin Cook by Sally Cheng,  with William Hazell as on-stage cover.

The dynamic  songs, slick dance routines, and dazzling sound and lighting effects, use of masks wigs and other props, together with the sharp and bombastic humour throughout makes the show sparkle and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

Directed by Peter Rowe, the show runs to Saturday 22nd July.

Jane Lush


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