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Bridesmaids of Britain

Malvern Theatres


This hilarious show, presented to us by Robert C Kelly and GBL productions promises a girls’ night out to remember.

Becky, the bride’s overly loyal Maid of honour, leads the action as she prepares her best friend Sarah for her wedding.

The journey begins to get rocky as competition arises between Becky and Sarah’s new BFF (best friend forever) Tiffany, who tries to take over Sarah’s role and upend her (not so meticulous) planning.

However with Sarah, Becky has compiled a “wedding book” to include all the things important to her from her childhood important to her.

Tiffany plans an elaborate engagement party for Sarah at the Ritz and presents her with a £280 bottle of champagne, much to Becky’s disgust.

We witness dance offs, sing-offs and eventually shout-offs, as the two “best friends” compete over their memories of time spent with Sarah at the “Hen do of the year” held in a caravan!!

Fierce slanging matches culminate in Becky storming off and accusing Tiffany of interfering and Sarah of trying to change herself. Becky is proud of being working class!

Now left alone with the wedding arrangements, Tiffany starts to flag, especially as Sarah is clearly missing Becky’s input.

Eventually she visits Becky and confesses her real East End working class background and her unhappy life and marriage which are both a sham.

Becky returns to her Maid of honour duties bringing the wedding book with her having fulfilled Sarah’s wishes and there is an emotional happy ending with all three girls celebrating together in a medley of song and dance.

All three actresses gave their all with a particularly strong performance in the role of  Becky.

This show, full of sparkling dynamism, runs from Tuesday 26th-Saturday 30th September.

Jane Lush


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