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First class post: Caroline Nash as the federal pen pal Diane in From Me to 3792 at The Other RSC at the Station in Sutton Coldfield.

A HOUSEWIFE at the gates of middle age and unhappy at her lot who starts writing to a death row inmate in the States after reading about him in the paper hardly seems a fun night in the making. 

But From Me to 3792  manages to be both very funny and poignant as it explores the life of Diane, a bored Sutton Coldfield housewife who finds her letters to her Texas killer, Chuck, allow her to see over the edges of the rut she is living in.

Diane is not looking for a long distance affair but in the hands of actress Caroline Nash we start to learn what she is looking for and what is missing from her becoming even more ordinary life.

Caroline, aged 40, now lives in Northampton but learned her craft at Birmingham School of Speech and Drama (now BSA) in 2003.

She said: “At the ripe old age of 33 I decided to train as an actor. It was a one year post-grad course which was really three years packed into one - which is what I wanted to do.”


Up to then she had worked in sales for Granada TV  were she had risen to area sales development manager - and has never regretted the change in direction.

The play was written for her by West Midlands journalist David Hendon, who is probably better known for his writing and broadcasting on snooker.

She said: “It is an amazing piece of writing. You would never have known it was written by a bloke. It is very clever and lots of women have said they struggle to get their head round the fact a man can get such an insight into womens' psyche.

“It is a fabulous piece of writing. I worked with him a couple of years before and he had me in mind when he wrote From Me to 3792 which is quite a compliment.

“It has every emotion in the book and I play all the characters - not by running off and getting changed but by what I say and the way I say them. It might be coming from a woman's mouth and be a woman's thoughts but some men have said they end up staring at the floor in case they get a bit emotional. It is jolly nice when you touch someone like that.”

The production went to Edinburgh in 2009 where it had favourable reviews and is now on tour around the Midlands.

Next week it is in fictional Diane's very real home town when it appears at The Other RSC, the pub theatre at The Station in Sutton Coldfield on Wednesday and Thursday before heading off to Nottingham and Northampton.

After that? Caroline said: David is writing something else - with two characters! It is very tiring doing a one woman play!"

From Me to 3792 runs for 75 minutes and is at the Other RSC at the Station Pub on Wednesday and Thursday November 3 &4. Tickets £6 in advance, £7 on the door. 0788 682 0535.

Roger Clarke

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