Jonny Woo

Jonny Woo - Night at the Musicals

Birmingham Rep Door


JONNY Woo returns to Cabaret XXL for the second time, this time bringing a trio of talent to help explore a diverse deconstruction of the musical and musical theatre.

In contrast to his previous show featuring tales of his substance fuelled days of student life in the Midlands, tonight’s offering was a full blown musical revue, featuring songs ranging from the likes of Les Misèrables to The Bodyguard.

At times the musical performances were far from the intended send up in content but actually came out as superb musical performances alongside Rudi Douglas and Sooz Kempner, with some additional comical drag interpretations by the very funny Myra Dubois.

Jonny began with Sooz in a duo and it was clear Miss Kempner was equipped with a very capable voice proving her ability later on when soloing with Queens, Somebody to Love me and a decent impression of Christine Aguilera.

Accompanied by the larger than life Myra Dubois the pairing managed a respectable version of Defying gravity from Wicked albeit with a comical overtone. Ms Dubois also hammed her way through an amusing version of On My Own from Les Misèrables.

Underplayed on the night was keyboard player Rudi Douglas. Decked in his own revealing glittery costume, blond wig, high heels and moustache, he also proved he had a great voice. Further internet detection work reveals he was an X factor hopeful but has since carved a more serious and independent following on You Tube and has some considerable talent and is worth checking out.

Jonny Woo himself was in full form. His six foot form decked out in sequins and heels creating a range of theatrical drag inventions and treating one unsuspecting audience member to a full on lap dance whilst performing Mein Herr from the musical Cabaret.

The foursome created a high value evening of entertainment and although Jonny is the lead his entourage possibly deserved equal billing and that just may have drawn a larger crowd on the night.

A standing ovation and call for encores from the appreciative crowd was not possible other than a brief reappearance from Jonny to say thank you. If that was down to available time or theatre timings then it was just a shame. 

Jonny and his associates certainly wooed the crowd and the adage of leaving them wanting more could and should have been dispensed with here to cap off what was a quality night of talent and risqué entertainment.

Jeff Grant



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