Sam Lupton as Seymour and Stephanie Clift as Audrey 

Little Shop of Horrors

Belgrade Theatre, Coventry


LITTLE Shop of Horrors is always a great deal of fun, musically thrilling and with now quite familiar songs such as Suddenly Seymour plus we had X-factor star Rhydian as the sadistic dentist Orin Scrivello.

He’s amazing with a big powerful voice and great presence; a long, low note he holds for umpteen seconds has just got to be a record!

This show is always a giant undertaking (to match THAT plant!) and this production uses a clever and economical staging that uses one rise and fall shop front throughout. When you’ve seen the film, it’s hard to imagine how to produce it on the stage with its attendant limitations.

Skid Row, New York and Seymour Krelborn (Sam Lupton) is a quietly spoken, self-effacing, plant-loving hard-working shop assistant in the Skid Row florist of Mr Mushnik (Paul Kissaun).

Seymour is in love with Audrey (Stephanie Clift), masochistic but confused partner of aforementioned dentist, and his contribution to saving the shop is to develop a plant, Audrey 11, which sings blues and gives poor Seymour a real headache in keeping it alive . . . (Neil Nicholas – voice and Josh Willmott - puppeteer).

I loved the trio of backing singers (Cassie Clare – eminently watchable, Vanessa Fisher and Sasha Latoya), so dynamic in keeping the story moving along.

There’s lots to like, obviously scrummy music – performed literally through a glass darkly – you could just about catch sight of three musicians through the Skid Row Music Shop (Dustin Conrad, Jonnie James, Agust Sveinsson).

It’s super enjoyable, and there were many children in the audience enjoying it too as it was half-term and it seemed to suit the family audience very well. To be honest, it suited me too and I found that I had smiled for almost two hours! Directed by Tara Louis Wilkinson, the little shop is open to 29-10-16.

Jane Howard



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