Paper in my Pants

Bloxwich Bookmark Library Theatre


ON READING the title of this piece, one may be forgiven for thinking it is a sordid tale of a misfortunate individual struggling with an Andrex obsession, but, this cleverly written play has nothing to do with 'bathroom stationery'.

On the contrary, the talented group of actors who make up SMARTarts  presented an excellent, thought provoking drama.

The group were set up 18 months ago with the idea of promoting new writing, and this play will shortly be making its debut at the Edinburgh festival. In the intimacy of a small venue, this works perfectly.

Paper In My Pants . . . or is it all in my mind?

A writer, (Jimm Rennie) is under pressure from his well-meaning wife, (Milly Corbett) and his manipulative agent, (Richard Buck) to finish his first novel, a dark thriller. As the deadline looms ever closer, the anxious author suddenly finds himself facing a devastating rebellion from his own characters, (Jasmine Arden-Brown, Sanna Jeppsson, Ashlee Sopher and Alexander Mushore.) Furious at how they are being portrayed, the characters 'materialise' in his study and attempt to hijack the novel, entitled, At Odds.

The desperate writer, riddled with self-doubts, believes he is on the verge of something good, his chance of fame, a legacy, acknowledged, no less, by the British Library. But are these haunting characters a figure if his imagination? Is he hallucinating? Is this the fine line between genius and madness?

The opening music, Paperback writer sets the mood for this well-structured production directed by Jac Bevan; it is well-choreographed, with strong delivery from all the actors who had solid, clear confidence with the fast moving dialogue.

Short bursts of relevant music between the scenes was spot on and the overall presentation moved the action on at a crackling pace. Some light comedic moments and, a treat for the ladies in the shape of a character in a 'mankini' earn four stars for innovation, originality and novel content.

Well done SMARTarts. Edinburgh are in for a treat

Elizabeth M Smith


PIMP runs at Greenside at Infirmary Street (Venue 236) in Edinburgh, from 15-20 Aug at 16-10 each day. 


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