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THE combination of young talented youth and a professional team to produce and develop their skills has once again resulted in a wonderful evening of lively and colourful entertainment.

Dr Seuss’s imaginative characters, much-loved by children, in stories related in easy and strong rhyming verse, are brought together in this catchy musical by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty in a production that fizzes with energy and life.

The Cat in the Hat holds the story together in his impish way, as Horton the Elephant is lost and looking for a friend in a large and scary world, then finds himself sitting in the tree and watching over the egg of the errant Mayzie La Bird, and wooed by Gertrude Mc Fuzz whose attempts to catch his eye include the exaggerated enlargement of her tail to the point where she can no longer fly!

The Cat, like a modern Puck, eventually brings everything back to a happy conclusion. However, throughout the twists and turns of this story, we are entertained to lively and entertaining songs with an upbeat and positive message to carry us through life’s adversities, Anything’s possible and Tell yourself how lucky you are!

From the outset the stage bursts into lively song and dance with wonderfully colourful costumes and a large cast, well-choreographed and coordinated to make an immediate impact.

 Katie Leeming’s choreography is delightfully varied and energetic, the large and lively ensemble scenes are matched by the more elegant dancing of the smaller groups of Bird Girls. The variety of colourful costumes and great use of lighting provide a visual feast as well.

The music is the heartbeat of the show and the band directed by David Lane deliver a great evening of catchy melodies and lively dance music in various genres to keep the performance moving at a lively pace.

The young performers deserve great credit for this show. Ieuan Dolloway is a characterful and humorous Cat with a twinkle in his eye. He has great stage presence and establishes an excellent rapport with the audience. Jessie Mae Thomas’s singing (Gertrude), Hana Copestake’s dancing (Mayzie), Lewis Allan’s stolid but likeable Elephant Horton and strong voice, combine very successfully with the other supporting cast and the ensemble.

The whole production has been wonderfully coordinated by Andy Reiss and his team.  This show will appeal to all ages and is a truly wholesome family piece of entertainment. It should inspire the young to get involved with theatre with its infectious energy and teamwork and leaves the audience humming the tunes on the way out! To 27-08-16.

Tim Crow



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