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Sleeping Beauty

Lichfield Garrick


WE are all familiar with the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty who was cursed by an evil witch on the day of her Christening, so that on her 18th birthday, she would prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die.

Well, the amazing cast, production team and musicians bring this story to life with outstanding originality, energy and pace. From the moment the curtain rose, the audience were ready and eager to enjoy the extravaganza of Pantoland.

You can't stop the beat, a perfect rousing opener put everyone in the mood. Billed as "our most spectacular Panto ever" it did not disappoint.

Set in the Kingdom of Hamalot, (notorious for over acting) we see the baby Princess, in her crib, being endowed with sumptuous gifts and glorious magical spells.

However, the wicked fairy, Carabosse, menacingly played by Siani Owen, curses the baby with her dreadful proclamation. Overseeing this awful act, the King, Ian Billings endeavours to protect his daughter from harm, destroying all the spinning wheels in the realm. ('All except one', is the chant, proffered by the audiencecarabosse at various points)

And he is ably assisted in his quest by Jangles, (Ben Thornton) who's versatility, energy and comic timing are first class. 

So too, the fabulous Sam Rabone as Nurse Nellie, with costumes that defy gravity, and a rapport and slickness of delivery that has the audience in fits of laughter. Especially so in the slapstick scene as the two of them reek havoc in the castle’s ancient bathroom. 

There was so much water gushing and squirting, methinks they must have syphoned every drop from Minster pool! Such a brilliant concept with hilarious consequences.

Wicked fairy Carabosse, menacingly played by Siani Owen

Another highlight was the clever sketch with the cart full of newspapers and magazines. This has to be seen to be appreciated and one can only imagine the hours of rehearsal these two spent perfecting such a prize piece of comedic genius. Top credit to the writers. Full marks all round.

The beautiful Fairy Moonbeam, Rebecca Keatley was ever on hand to protect The Princess, the delightful Jo-anne Stevens while the handsome prince, Lloyd Davies, who eventually awakens the princess with a kiss after her 100 year sleep fits the bill, for the ladies of the audience,with a generous portion of 'eye candy'

Kirsty Fuller, dance captain, led the ensemble in the lively dance numbers, accompanied by Georgia Reid Hamilton, Anto Buckley and Joseph O'Reilly, along with a team of eight children.

Under the direction of Tim Ford, this is a cracker of a family show. Paul Henry is the writer/ producer, also producing is Emily Wood. Musical direction by Dave Culling. Choreography by Ashley Nottingham.

This may be Sleeping Beauty but you can be sure there will be no one snoozing while watching this bundle of joyous frivolity. (Hey kids, watch out for the fiery dragon . . . awesome!)

There is lots of time to catch this terrific show as it runs until December 31st 2016. Cringeworthy jokes, topical themes, audience participation, this production has it all, even a cameo spot from Lichfield’s very own Honey G!

Pantomime at it's very best. A great evening of super entertainment.

Elizabeth M Smith



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