woman in black cast

The Woman in Black

Lichfield Garrick


ADAPTED from Susan Hill’s novel by the late Stephen Mallatratt, this production of The Woman in Black from P W productions, is not for the feint hearted.

The audience is greeted with a simple set of an old shabby theatre, dusty torn tabs, a chair, stool and a wicker costume basket as a single man, Arthur Kipps played by David Acton, walks on to the stage sits quietly for some minutes and then begins to read from a notebook, nervously and without expression.

The audience unsure of the situation giggles politely at the seemingly odd situation, but this is all explained with the sudden arrival of a second man, The Actor played by Matthew Spencer.

Arthur Kipps is a lawyer who engages The Actor to help him tell his story to family and friends in the hope of putting to an end the years of fear and suffering with which his past experiences have left him.

Acton and Spencer give sublime performances, bringing the audience closer and deeper as the story unravels. Faultless delivery and a master-class in acting ensure that the audience is fully immersed in the tension of this hauntingly well written ghost story.

The lighting design by Kevin Sleep and Tony Simpson and the sound design by Gareth Owen and Theo Holloway perfectly amplify the eeriness and tension. Clever effects, use of props and well timed acting bring previously unseen areas of the stage into play and turn the old abandoned theatre into the multiple locations

Full of startling scares, jumps and surprises, this is a not to be missed production for any lover of the eerie and the macabre. Superbly directed by Robin Herford with Antony Eden, it had the audience on the edge of their seats, screaming with delight (and fear). Until 17th September.

Rosemary Manjunath



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