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Figs In Wigs

Birmingham Rep Door


The Rep Door continues its run of Thursday night Cabaret XXL slots with the highly talented, highly original and highly colourful Figs In Wigs.

It’s hard to put them into any category and I am sure they work hard to stay outside of the box, yet well in the spotlight.

Surreal, thoughtful, linguistic, artistic, the five a side ladies only team of Rachel Gammon, Suzanna Hurst, Sarah Moore, Rachel Porter and Alice Roots, connect a whole range of clever ideas together and wrap it all up in mad outfits and glittery trainers.

Their current show introduces a set of performance scenes all with a common theme of Social Media and our obsession with Mobile phones. We have a new genre of dance, a lecture on art, the Figs In Wigs band, and alternative comedy rebranded as anatomy to name a few.

There are times when you wait for them to sort their props out or change costume but never once does it feel awkward or not planned even if it is not. In fact, if there are any mistakes no one would know as the organised chaos has you thinking, watching and listening to appreciate every finely tuned nuance.

There are times you laugh and have not got a clue why it’s funny and that’s the beauty of the whole performance; it just finds your funny bone without them looking for it.

A good example of that is their deconstruction comedy and the act of the stand-up routine.  They smartly use the default language that is used to make up of a million other gags and then develop a transition into a series of nonsensical children’s jokes that become hilarious, especially in the way the girls finally deliver them.

In fact, while there is an element of student humour about much the performance the writing is very clever and they never miss a beat in the quite complex delivery.

The irony is that although they may be parodying the art world or experimental indie bands you could quite easily put them into each of their scene settings and they would be passed off as the real thing.

So is it art, is it comedy, is it a bird, or birds, it’s definitely not plain.  You come away having enjoyed the experience and the odd thing is you are not quite sure why. Guess that’s Figs In Wigs.

Jeff Grant



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