Mind the horse road

Macolm Stent

Lichfield Garrick


ANY TIME spent with Malcolm Stent is guaranteed to be entertaining, humorous and nostalgic.  His current show, Mind the Horse Road was no different as he played to a full house in the lovely intimate space, the Studio at Lichfield Garrick theatre.  

He is a fiercely loyal Brummie and is best loved for sharing his memories of post-war Birmingham and commentating on the changes that have taken place in the last half century, not always for the better.

 He recalls the time when Birmingham was renowned worldwide for its engineering and manufacturing skills, the simpler life and values; views which are by-and-large shared by his audience.   

Most of all Stent is a very funny man, spinning a yarn or delivering one-liners.  His audience quite naturally join in with songs such as Gypsy Rover and snippets of TV show theme tunes from wayback such as Davy Crockett and Robin Hood


He also dedicated a song to those with children living in far flung places, sharing that, after one performance of the song, he espied a gentleman shedding a tear.  Stent asked of him, ‘Do you have child living abroad?', ‘No…' he replied, ‘… I'm a musician.' 

Stent has been earning his living as a full time comedy entertainer for 35 years and some of the audience have been following his career for that time.  He does, however, have a humour that appeals across the generations.  His portfolio has developed over the years and he is a recognised as a talented singer and songwriter, radio presenter, local historian and playwright. His credits include: Go And Play Up Your End, Play Further Up Your Own End  and A League Apart. 

When people go to see Stent they know what to expect.  Some hold the view that his show wouldn't travel well, but as a naturalised Brummie, I can relate to much of his material; architecture, old fashioned courting rituals including salmon sandwiches, outside loos, holidays in Ryhl and Mr Holly and Father Christmas arriving at Lewis's, shared common memories warming his audience and raising much laughter.  To 12-03-11

Lynda Ford 


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