A Midsummer Night's Dream

The Shakespeare4kidz Theatre Company

Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton


THIS is a dream of a show for children who want to learn more about the works of William Shakespeare and enjoy a jolly good laugh at the same time.

Four performances were given by a talented cast who clearly reveled in the musical version written by Julian Chenery with Matt Gimblett's lively music.

The audiences consisted mainly of school children aged 10 and 11, with a few teachers and parents, and regular bursts of laughter gave a clear indication that the youngsters understood and liked the humour in the story.

It's 16 years since the company was formed, without the support of grants or government money, and they hope their work encourages children to take an interest in the Bard's tales.

In A Midsummer Night's Dream, Noel Andrew Harron dominated the action as the mischievous Puck, attendant to Oberon, King of the fairies. He was rarely off stage and quickly developed a strong link with the audience. They loved him.

Not far behind in the popularity stakes was Sean Luckham, playing Nick Bottom, the weaver. His skill in replacing a wayward toupee with just a deft flick of his head, was always good for a laugh.

The final performance was given on Wednesday afternoon.

Paul Marston  


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