A full measure of thinness

The Real Me Is Thin

Arabella Weir

Lichfield Garrick


A VERY pleasant and enjoyable evening was had by all in the company of Arabella Weir in the comfort of the Lichfield Garrick Theatre. 

Announced tongue-in-cheek as ‘worryingly thin', Weir gave a reading of extracts from her first book, the ‘worryingly, accurately observed' and semi-autobiographical, Does My Bum Look Big In This, and a few tempting chapters from, what she describes as the psychology to her first book, the autobiographical The Real Me Is Thin.

As all Weir fans will know she has a poor body image but her successful career is built in no small part on her problem with weight, and in particular her bum.  

Image plays a large part in the make up of most females and judging by the audience responses, she was very knowing of how they felt as she recounted amusing, but at times quite horrifying, instances which have shaped her psyche and defined her relationship with food and her weight; at times hating herself for eating.  However, she tells us she is finally happy with her lot.

Weir is extremely relaxed and entertaining, connecting with every female member of the audience at some point.  This is definitely a performance by a woman for women.  Perhaps the handful of gentlemen in the audience could relate to their partners hang-ups but she did share some things that men know of but don't really want to hear spoken of.  


Her delivery was less than perfect with many a stutter and often losing where she was going; which was surprising as the words were her own. This was probably explained by the ‘new teeth ‘which she had taken delivery of that day.

Throughout the interval at the book signing session, Weir met with the audience and collected questions for the Q&A session to follow. An ‘even thinner' (not) Weir opened the second half of the show. 

She was witty, indeed funny, responding in all honesty with amusing anecdotes to such enquiring and challenging questions such as her where did she get her shoes?   What is your favourite food?  Has she ever passed wind in public? The audience enthusiastically joined her in wishing Chris Woolley a ‘Happy birthday' on her significant, but undisclosed, anniversary.

Weir is a talented comedienne, actress and writer and has delighted Radio and TV audiences, appearing in the Fast Show, Grumpy Old Women and as the deluded Minty Marchmont (a personal favourite of mine) in Posh Nosh with Richard E Grant.  She regularly writes for the Guardian and the Independent.   03-03-11

Lynda Ford

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