Bourgeois and Maurice

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IT hardly seems like six months have passed since the Birmingham Rep launched its monthly Cabaret XXL nights.

Just a mere six shows that have successfully established the evening as the best alternative night of entertainment in the city.

Bourgeois and Maurice were the final act before the summer break. Delivering a series of personal songs that take their influence from Social media and the general paranoia that surrounds modern living. It is really all about the songs with the segue-way between each being an extended set up for next composition.

The duo of Liv Morris and George Heyworth make vague references to being part cyborg, alien creatures and suggest they are related. Claiming to have spent their yoBourgeois and Mauriceuth staring at themselves in mirrors in their bedroom they suggest that their arrival in show business was accidental rather than intentional.

None of the back story matters or seems relevant as the glitter, makeup and outlandish costumes serve as appropriate wear for any musical act that may have been around in the eighties. The fact that the current pop world in general is bland t-shirts and jeans the pair are are a welcome return to Pop Glamour.

Whilst the songs are mostly simple piano accompaniment a few are against pre-recorded backing tracks that expand their overall sound and potential. There was an isolated attempt to get some audience participation which did not go down too well and as their forte is really about the music they should stick to that.

If they ever tire of the cabaret scene then there was evidence during these more evolved musical numbers, of a glimpse that they could quite easily form a `Bowiesque' glam band. There is certainly scope in their writing and vocals to go `mainstream ' and obviously they have no fear of experimenting with the visual aspect of their show, so Bourgeois and Maurice the band would be quite something.

The range of acts that have been presented at Cabaret XXL since the start of the year have been wildly entertaining and often challenging. The attending audience has grown in number and that hopefully will be a trend that will continue when the nights shift from their regular Thursday night slot to include Fridays and Saturdays when they continue at the Birmingham Rep in October. 

Jeff Grant



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