Travels with My Aunt

Malvern Theatres


THIS whirlwind production was forged in the farm yards of Devon by Creative Cow, a touring theatre company, directed by Amanda Knott and adapted by Giles Havergal from Graham Greene’s novel.

Henry Pulling a less than charming bank manager has taken early retirement. A man of only few ambitions, tending his garden and a passion for dahlias.

He longs for the safety and predictability of a quiet life but everything changes when he meets his small-time swindling, septuagenarian Aunt Augusta for the first time in ore than fifty years at his mother's funeral.

Despite having little in common, Henry finds himself drawn into his Aunt’s world of astonishing travel, infectious adventure, desire for romance and espionage with Nazi war criminals.

The action of the play takes place across various countries in 1969 from Brighton to Paraguay and Paris to Istanbul on the Orient Express, all using clever sound effects.

Richard Earl, David Partridge, Jack Hulland and Katherine Senior are four captivating actors who play all audacious characters in this adaptation with a twist, as each of them play the part of Henry and Aunt Augusta at different times and sometimes even at the same time!

Ultimately Henry finds himself finally feeling alive but questioning his better judgement, surely it isn’t long before he too will relish a little skulduggery? To Saturday 21-05-16

Johnathan Gray



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