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Mummyji Presents

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MUMMYJI Presents is a hilarious production giving the Asian talents of Birmingham the opportunity to showcase their fantastic work and impress the audience.

The story itself shows Mummy Ji, a matriarchal and gloriously funny woman played by Rina Fatina who has one agenda on her mind – to see her son, Pandesh, (Divan Ladwa) married.

She then sets up a talent show style presentation of six diverse and talented artists to perform in their own unique style. This is a showcase of British-Asian art forms embedded into a hilarious Indian storyline.

This production is a celebration of the Indian-Brummie culture. With howls of laughter influenced by the Punjabi and English language, the light-hearted and typical ‘mum-like’ humour shown by Fatina was easy for the audience to relate to.

Mummy Ji presents six acts for the audience, and her son, in a celebratory presentation of the diversity of Asian art/

We see local performances ranging from song to the spoken word. Mummy Ji, much like a show host presenter, holds an interview with each act as an introduction to what they are about to perform. This gives the audience an interesting overview of how the art has become an inspiration.

First we are introduced to Rav & Sim, a duo of performance artists who ooze expression through their dance piece. Combining classical Indian music and Kathak dance, we are exposed to a beautiful portrayal of the classical Indian culture.

Alisha Yasmin Kadir is a Birmingham based singer and songwriter with the voice of an angel. In her performance, the audience are graced by her delightful composition and a wonderful talent for song.
Mummy Ji presented us a diverse range of brilliant talents from the area. One act in particular allowed the audience to see the power of theatre and her impeccable skill to accompany it.

Actress Sukh Ojla gave a humorous performance as she performed an extract from a one woman British-Asian show that was set on her wedding day.

Following this, performance poet Amerah Saleh definitely made a point and left lingering thoughts after she performed her own words in the rap-poetry style recalling her experience in school.

The Giddha Sansaar Dance group bought an upbeat and vibrant feel to their performance. A team of six women performed a Giddha piece, which is traditionally danced by women in the Punjab at social events.

Lastly, husband and wife dance duo Sohan and Aruna as Aashiyana Arts gave us a lively account of a Bollywood dance piece. This was an inspiring performance to end on and encouraged the audience to leave with a spring in their step.

The show-biz style set gave the impression of instant entertainment, with flashing lights over Mummy Ji’s lounge and pink-satin decor showed the audience that this was going to be a night of celebration and joy for British-Asian art. The set and Fatina herself went hand in hand, reflecting her exuberant personality and made us excited for the upcoming performance.

Mummy Ji Presents is a night of fun and culture supporting local performers with a diverse range of art forms to celebrate as one large community. To 22-11-14

Elizabeth Halpin



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