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Cast of Peter Pan

Peter Pan Goes Wrong

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There's something to be said for the craft of purposefully bad acting.

With impeccable comic timing, faux trips and slips and overacting with intent, Mischief Theatre Company created a hilarious recreation of the worst (or best, in terms of comedy) amateur dramatics show in the country.

Peter Pan Goes Wrong features a motley crew of amateur thespians putting on a panto - or "traditional Christmas vignette" as the pretentious director, doubling up as Captain Hook, likes to call it.

You can see which way it's heading as the elderly, bearded assistant director announces to the audience that due to illness, he will be playing the child part of Michael, and one of the leading actors who forgets his lines will be assisted with an electronic ear piece - hence many jokes when the transmitter picks up radio stations and police radios in the area.

Soon after, coffee gets spilled on the mixing desk sparking a series of impromtu sound effects and damning recordings of conversations between the cast off stage.

It's a laugh a minute, or more, and by the end of the performance, the stage, cast and storyline is spinning out of control at a breathless rate as the director goes into meltdown.

This riotous affair is from a theatrical company that was formed in 2008 by a group of graduates and students of The London Academy of Music & Art, which could explain it's vibrant, silly sense of fun.

It's a farce with all the key elements of slapstick, personality and ridiculousness, but for those who have seen The Play That Goes Wrong, it's not quite as slick as an affair as that.

What it will leave you with is a smile on your face and the wish that all pantos could be like this. To 24-01-15

Alison Brinkworth



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