Hiya and Higher

Barbara Nice

The Other RSC

Sutton Coldfield.


JANICE Connolly's alter ego, the Stockport mother-of-five Barbara Nice brought her hit Edinburgh show to the Other RSC at the Station Pub, Sutton Coldfield, scattering her thoughts and observations like currants in a bun.

We had her views on incontinence in women of a certain age, particularly after children, thoughts on pelvic floor exercises, why a recession is better than the credit munch and the benefits of pass the parcel at children's parties.

It prepares them for life when they learn there is only one winner. “Much better to cry at seven than 33!”

There were useful tips from TAB, that's Take a Break for the less well read as well as her thoughts on fractions, global warning and Sir Bob Gandalf.

Mrs Nice is, in her own words, an ordinary housewife who has the same worries as the rest of us. She admits to still missing Woolworth's and wonders if it was her pinching of a bit of pick'n'mix over the years could have led to their downfall.

It was a show all about making the world a happier place though and she certainly did that form the laughter. She had the audience up bopping for Mrs Khan's dance and ended with a happy conga down into the car park to release her happiness balloons. To 20-05-10

Roger Clarke


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