Classic still shows its class

The  Importance of Being Earnest 

Lichfield Garrick  Studio




‘ If it ain't broke, don't fix it' . Opus Theatre Company, who are currently touring this much loved classic, would seem to agree with that sentiment.  With Oscar Wilde, it's all about the words and woe betide a company that tries to deflect from that.

Director Gerry Hinks is well aware of why audiences are attracted to this  piece and makes sure his actors play to that.  Its  language is beautifully crafted  - every syllable and every phrase  reflect a society of manners long since neglected.

Line after line of sumptuous dialogue  reflects the genius of Oscar Wilde and it s testament to it's enduring popularity that several members of the Garrick Studio audience actually pre-empted lines just prior to their delivery. Nice of them to join in, maybe, but perhaps a little annoying for the actors!  We all know  Lady Bracknell is about to utter the immortal line ‘ A Handbag!' but its perhaps best not to join in with its utterance!

 A very competent cast work well to make sure the language takes pride of place. Robert Pass and Tom McCarron as Algernon and Jack , spar well together and Miriam Edwards oozes devilish charm as Gwendoline.   Cecily is played with delightful innocence by Lindsey Carr and Gerry Hinks   completes the set of the male roles he has played in this play over the years with his  bumbling but loveable Rev. Chasuble.  Sandra Jones as lady Bracknell, Alison Joynes as Miss Prism and Kelvin Broomhead as the china shaking butler, Lane complete the strong cast. 

The Importance of Being Earnest runs until Friday October 1 at The Garrick before touring throughout the region.  Catch it while you can. 

Tom Roberts 


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