Janice Connolly as Housewife Superstar Barbara Nice

Barbara Nice’s Raffle

The Patrick Centre

Birmingham Hippodrome


There was only one chance to win Barbara Nice’s Raffle as it arrived at the Patrick Centre for one night only as part of the The Birmingham Comedy Festival, 2018.

Mrs Barbara Nice was greeted warmly by the full house and the delightful Kings Heath housewife, mother of five and avid Take A Break Reader immediately had the crowd in fits of raucous laughter with her observational banter.

Audience interaction is very much the focus of her comedy, with her chosen subjects covering a wide range of topical, controversial and general issues. Examples included, the city and its surrounding suburbs, popular locations, long gone places of interest, Brexit, politicians, the World Cup, bird flu and thrush! Quite an eclectic mixture.

Her boundless energy and enthusiasm is always evident in her shows, and in the first half this came through with gusto. Spontaneity and timing are key to natural comedic delivery and the quirky Mrs Nice has honed her craft and unique style with skilful attention and aplomb.

Alas, we weren’t treated to the breathtaking delights of her oft seen stage dive, a spectacle of true athletic prowess! Next time perhaps eh?

The second half was mostly given over to the raffle. Everyone was given a free raffle ticket with the promise of its possible life changing consequences.

The prizes, like Mrs Nice were ‘original’, and included a bottle of Dettol and a Fray Bentos steak pie! The lucky winners were invited on to the stage to join Barbara in a celebratory dance, (and here, Barbara could give our P.M. a few tips on how to twerk and gyrate!)

To end, there was a game of ‘What Time Is It Mr Wolf?’ in which the entire audience were herded on to the stage to participate, with Barbara taking on the role of Mr Wolf.

This was mildly amusing, and maybe not quite the successful reaction she’d anticipated, admitting that the activity seems to work better when it’s done outside, but generally, the appreciative audience enjoyed an ample helping of fun and frolics from Birmingham’s very own, Barbara Nice.

Elizabeth M. Smith


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