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A STAGE adaptation of this hugely popular story, written by Claire Freedman, can only be judged by the reaction of the children in the audience. They loved it.

Featuring Monty, his Mum, and invented monsters, the performance culminates with the appearance of the large but not too scary, Monstersaurus himself. A simple set, bright monsters, and easy to follow story, work well for youngsters around three to five years old.

Audience members are invited to contribute ingredients into Monty's monster making machine, and there are song and dance routines to entertain, engage; and delight. When a toaster walks, the children roared with delight, as they did at a rogue robot, and sausages.

The Big Wooden Horse Theatre Company had previously produced the successful Aliens Love Underpants, they certainly know how to keep young children entertained. At fifty minutes, with no interval, every child's attention was held, the performance did not outstay its welcome.

Pantomime is the traditional introduction for children to theatre, this show is complimentary to that experience, with its audience participation sections, silly songs, and dances, to have even mums and dads, grans and granddads, dancing in the aisles in an almost sold out main auditorium.

Monstersaurus, continues on tour nationwide.

Gary Longden


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