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The Further Adventures of

Peter Pan

The Return of Captain Hook

Malvern Theatres


Mark James, Malvern’s favourite entertainer, is back as Smee in this production of The Further Adventures of Peter Pan – The Return of Captain Hook.

Once again he pours forth with corny jokes and plays the Lord of Misrule - the packed audience loved it! Pantomime was welcomed back with great life and energy in this re-working of the story of Peter Pan.

Emily Darling, the great-granddaughter of Wendy, settles to sleep at the start of the piece only to be woken by Tinkerbell who supplied her wish of a return to NeverLand . There they discover that Captain Hook has not died and disappeared, but he has returned to threaten their happiness, especially the happiness of the charming Tinkerbell and Peter Pan.

Some of the best humour is derived from some of the contemporary allusions to modern life and times: Emily’s mobile phone, with the essential selfies and references to social media, gave us plenty of laughs, the references to Boris Johnson and the pandemic were used satirically to refer to social gatherings this Christmas. These were all woven neatly into the fabric of song and dance routines and the usual elements of pantomime farce and physical humour.

The three pirates, Who, What and Please, entertained us to a humorous, acrobatic and gymnastic  display in the middle of the evening, with Smee joining in to add chaos and hilarity. Smee (Mark James) interacted with individuals and the general mass of the audience with plenty of improvised witticisms to add the immediacy of live humour as well.

Jenny Huxley-Golden was a sweet Emily, charming us with her singing and dancing. Tom Lister as the baddie, Captain Hook, lacked real menace but evoked plenty of ‘boos’ nonetheless. He has a strong presence.  

Rebecca Stenhouse as Tinkerbell has a lovely voice but I felt a bit insecure with her rollerblading. Lloyd Warbey was a satisfactory Peter without having a lot to get his teeth into.

Visually and musically the evening was excellent. The multiple scene changes, from bedroom to Smugglers Cave, to the Jolly Roger and other settings, were very colourful and well designed, the music was energetic and lively, including adaptations of well-known lyrics. The dancing team were well choreographed and talented. The clever flying visual effects of the return to London were stunning.

It was a joy to experience the atmosphere created by a full house in the theatre once again. This magical family entertainment will continue to delight audiences in Malvern to 02-01-2022.

Tim Crow


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