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What a magical show for all the family starring Coronation Street’s Katie McGlynn as the Fairy godmother, Mark James as Buttons, Jamie Morris and Tarot Joseph as the Ugly sisters, Bethan Jacks as Cinderella, Mark Faith as baron Hardup, Ben Brooker as Prince Charming and Jordan Lee Davies as Dandini. 

We all know the story of a beautiful young girl who is cruelly mistreated by her wicked step mother and jealous ugly sisters. Her only real friend is the servant Buttons played by Mark James, hailed as Malvern’s funny man. 

One day the king and queen have a ball as it is time for their son, the prince, to find a wife.  

Cinderella (played beautifully by Bethan Jacks) has more work to do making dresses for her sisters but she isn’t allowed to go to the ball herself.  

However, she is visited by her fairy Godmother (portrayed splendidly by Katie McGlynn, who also keeps the audience updated with the story.) She grants Cinderella her wish to enable her to go to the ball.   

There she dances with the prince (Ben Brooker, who plays a slightly unusual Prince Charming!!) but at the stroke of midnight Cinderella knows she must return home but on her way she loses her glass slipper. 

The prince having fallen in love with her goes to find her by trying the slipper on every girl until at last he finds her – cue marriage and living happily ever after. 

The two ugly sisters (Jamie Morris and Tarot Joseph)  constantly delighted the audience with their grotesque costumes and behaviour. 

This well loved fairy story scripted by Jon Monie (winner of best script at the Great British Pantomime Awards 2019 ) and directed skillfully by Benji Sperring, contains plenty of humour, stunning sets and sparkling costumes which will especially delight younger audiences.  

Celia Hall Dance Centre should also be congratulated for the fine performances by ita young students. 

Press night performance had its young audience on their feet joining in enthusiastically and loudly! My two young grandsons said it was the best day of their lives. 

Not to be missed this dazzling production runs to 7th January 2024. 

Jane Lush


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