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Oh what a lovely war

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This 60th Anniversary tour of Joan Littlewood’s musical entertainment is brought to us by the Blackeyed theatre company in association with South Hill Park Arts centre.

Even before entering the auditorium the audience is treated to a pre- show of characters bizarrely dressed scampering around and interacting with them, which also happens at the end of the interval.

The show brings us the story of World War 1 stretching from 1914 to 1918 through music and dance. This stunningly talented group of actors and musicians, use a range of instruments including accordion, piano, violin, trumpet, trombone and ukulele to interweave timeless war songs into the fast moving action of the show.

During these moments of songs dancing and merriment one could be lured into a sense of the glory of war, however overhead projections at regular intervals, cataloguing the number of deaths against the land gained are horrific reminders of the futility of this horrendous war in which 10 million were killed,1 million were wounded and 7 million were missing.

Considered one of the greatest stage satires and a corner stone of modern musical theatre, Oh What a lovely War takes us on an extraordinary journey which brings to life the folly, farce and tragedy of World War 1 in a deeply poignant and often deeply disturbing way.

The multi- talented cast who play characters ranging from soldiers and generals to kings and emperors includes Tom Benjamin, Christopher Arkeston, Harry Curley, Tim Crabtree, Alice E Mayer, Chiona Uma, Euan Wilson and Elli Damarell.

It has been described as an exhilarating no holds barred assault on the military incompetence and inconceivable disregard for human life.

This moving and poignant play runs to 16-03-24

Jane Lush


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