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Gil Siaway, Charlie Daniells, Ashton Owen and Ben Murrell. Picture: Pamela Raith

There’s a Monster in your Show

Derby Theatre


Author Tom Fletcher has declared: “I want kids to feel this is a show that they are a part of, not just coming to watch.” And for the fifty minutes of this performance he was as good as his word. The only question that adults need answering is, “Will children aged 2-7 be entertained and engaged by the production?” - the answer is a resounding yes.

I took along a two and five year old as my expert reviewers: “brilliant” was their verdict. They loved not having to sit down and be quiet and howled at the mischief which is lovingly transposed from the book to the stage. and helping the monsters along the way.

A pre show front of house routine sets the scene of how things are going to unfold and introduces the audience to the cast.

The entire auditorium was dancing along to the choreographed routines led by the four energetic performers - aka the storymakers, it was compulsory for parents and grandparents to join in!

The Little Monster is the star of the show appearing around the colourful stage and on backlit screens in pantomime style “it’s behind you” routines.

The story makers try everything to get the monster back in his book, but with no luck, until the children become involved, as Little Monster is joined by his friends, Dragon, Alien and Unicorn, and all four go on a mischievous journey.

The show is absolutely faithful to the original book, instantly connecting with those children who have already read it, and introducing it to those who have not. The 1pm start time was rewarded with an almost full house and ideal for very young children. It continues on nationwide tour - DETAILS.

Gary Longden


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