Moby Dick

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The hauntingly poignant, powerful performance of Moby Dick by the Simple8 theatre ensemble in association with Royal & Derngate, Northampton, impales the imagination and pulls focus to the natural environment, as the crew gets their hands bloody and disturbances build.

Squally weather is expected this week at Malvern Theatres aboard the whaling ship made famous by Herman Melville’s novel, Moby Dick. Amidst the crashing waves, the atmospheric sea shanties echo across the ocean in this moving adaptation where Captain Ahab’s thirst for revenge, places his fellow seafarers in a dangerous pursuit of vengeance with catastrophic consequences.

Strong performances against the violent tide by Captain Ahab, Guy Rhys, as a friendship between Ishmael, Mark Arends and Queequeg, Tom Swale, encourages an abandonment of sanity with a penchant for the murderous harpooning techniques needed to capture this enigma.

Jonathan Charles, Hannah Emanuel, James Newton, Syreeta Kumar, Tom Swale and Hazel Monaghan weather the atmosphere through thunderstorms and fan-tails as their musical representations allow a feast for the senses with a wonderful suspenseful in trepidation. Director Jesse Jones allows room for quiet contemplation, a moving contrast to the fleshy melting pots and aggressive tides.

The designer Kate Bunce’s set had all the flavours of a ship, with ladders, ropes and planks and the claustrophobic below deck feel was magically created as the crew had to carefully duck under the top deck to get around. This thought provoking execution was carried out in exquisite detail, even down to the candles. Along with lighting designer Johanna Town and adapter Sebastian Armesto Simple8 inspired thought and deliberation to a sinking trade.

Climb aboard the Pequod this week at Malvern Theatres for an adventure of a lifetime with ‘Moby Dick’ if you dare. Tickets are available from the box office on 01684 892277 or online. To 15-06-24.

Emma Trimble


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