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Daisy pulling it off in style

Jolly hockey sticks! Monica, left, played by Lynn Ravenhill, Trixie played by Judy Bassett , Daisy played by Sandy Tudor and Sybil played by Pamela Meredith

Daisy Pulls It Off

The Nonentities

Rose Theatre, Kidderminster


THE NONENTITIES have yet again produced a fabulous production with this week's offering of the eighties classic Daisy Pulls It Off, under the direction of Ross Workman.
Set in the 1920's, working class and elementary school student Daisy Meredith is fortunate enough to win a scholarship to the prestigious Grangewood School for girls.
Although Daisy is extremely intelligent and articulate she faces social snobbery from some of the rich girls in the school. Fortunately for Daisy she befriends the adventurous Trixie Martin and the two soon become "best chums" and the couple set off to discover the lost treasure of Grangewood in order to save the school being sold to its governors.
Along the way Daisy and Trixie come under sabotage from the girls they share their dormitory (or dormy) with, Sybil Burlington and Monica Smithers.
Can Daisy save the school, her reputation and find the treasure? You'll have to get yourself down to Kidderminster to find out.
Director Ross Workman cleverly cast a mature group of women to play the roles of the boarding school girls. In recent years the show has been cast with children which, in my opinion, wouldn't have the same comic edge.

Starting a new chapter: Claire played by Kerena Taylor and Alice played by Nikki Fisher manage a spot of revision

As a whole the cast performed each role very well. Sandra Tudor in the title role of Daisy gave a very good performance, she allowed Daisy's innocence to shine through but at the same time showing her brave and mischievous side.
Pamela Meredith and Lynn Ravenhill made for an excellent villainous pair as Sybil and Monica. Ravenhill's comedy lisp made her dastardly character even more enjoyable to watch.
 Sue Downing's performance as the strict but fair headmistress was flawless and her Scottish accent was spot on.

Chris Clarke's performance as the Russian professor was superb; cunning, comic and a great accent.
However for me there was one particular performance that stole the show and that was Judy Basset's performance as Trixie Martin - to quote Trixie the part was totally jubilatee! She sustained the energy and comedy of Trixie's character throughout and it was truly a delight to watch her perform.
Special mention should also go to Jan Young as Dora Johnson whose comic timing at always being a beat behind everyone else was hilarious.
The show runs to 23-06-12 and, tickets are selling fast.

Eva Easthope 

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